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Some Of August's Most Popular Posts

Before August gets too far away from us we thought we would look back at what won the popularity contest for the month. The lists of most expensive sales so far this year got a lot of attention, with more people wanting to know about sales in Virginia than Maryland or DC. Of course everyone wanted to know who bought the most expensive house around (Evermay, which sold for $22M) and more than a few people were interested in the several properties that Ted Leonsis bought and sold.

Besides the lists, our readers kept their interest in green building alive by learning about Northern Virginia's first Passive House under construction as well the design style of luxury architect Travis Price. He gave a video interview and described his approach as 'ecological modernism'. At the other end of the spectrum was the interest in seeing inside the homes of two Real Housewives Of DC—one who can't find a buyer for her McLean house and the other who just moved to Beverly Hills to capitalize on the publicity she got by crashing a White House party.

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