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Annual Embassy Tour Spans Geography And Architectural Styles

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The hundreds of embassies spread throughout the District rarely let people see inside unless they have a good reason. On September 18th, however, five of them are opening their doors as a part of the annual Washington Embassy and House Tour so curious onlookers can see a hidden side of these impressive buildings. This event is hosted by the Woodrow Wilson House and this year the embassies of Colombia, the Republic of Cyprus, Slovenia, Costa Rica, and the European Union are on display.

· Woodrow Wilson House Embassy Tour [Official Site]

All photos courtesy The Woodrow Wilson House, a National Trust Historic Site, Washington, DC

Embassy Of The European Union

2175 K Street Northwest , Washington, DC 20037,

Embassy of Colombia

2118 Leroy Place, District of Columbia, DC

Embassy Of Slovenia

2410 California Street, Washington, D.C. 20008,