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Jehovah's Witnesses Property On Arizona Slides Again

Since we posted this morning about a house being used as a church, we thought we would check back in on the Jehovah's Witnesses property that we reported on in March. What started out at a two and a half million dollar ask has now dropped to $1.8M after spending the summer stalled at $2M. The listing says this is a two bedroom building, but the number of bathrooms remains in question. If there are three stalls in the same room does that count as one bathroom or three? Philosophical discussions aside, we think its going to be tough to move this off the market. Not just because it is set up for public use, but right across the street is another house that is also suffering the repeated price chop. We'll check in on that one tomorrow.

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Jehovah's Witnesses Building

2950 Arizona Ave, Washington, DC