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So, Mr Gehry, What Exactly Was The Inspiration For The Eisenhower Memorial?

Frank Gehry was on CNN over the weekend talking to Fahreed Zakaria about his inspiration and the subject of his cameo appearance on the Simpsons came up. Did anyone see the episode where he crumpled up a piece of paper and it inspired him to build the Disney Hall in L.A.? Turns out that is not a true story, but Gehry says many people think it actually happened. We couldn't find the scene in English, so if anyone out there can find the original clip please send it to our tipline ( This can put to rest any rumors that his proposed design for Eisenhower Memorial was inspired by towels drying on the clothesline.

Incidentally, two samples of the (controversial) hanging tapestries will be on display from September 12th-16th to allow members of the decision committee to see what they will look like. The site is on Independence Avenue between 4th and 6th Streets, SW.

· Fahreed Zakaria Transcript September 4, 2011 [CNN via NYO]
· Eisenhower Memorial Metal Tapestries on Display [DCMud]
· Simpsons Frank Gehry [YouTube]

Eisenhower Memorial

Independence Ave and 4th Street, SW, Washington, DC