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Former McLean Kennedy Home, Hickory Hill, Undergoing Makeover

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The inset of the above picture shows what this house looked like when the Kennedy family owned it, but now Hickory Hill in McLean has been gutted and turned into a construction site. The buyer, Alan J. Dabbiere, is a mega-wealthy type and has gone to great lengths to not have his name associated with the property (his name isn't on the deed, for example). He made news, however, when he bought the house in 2009 for $8.2M since it had originally been listed for $25M. The permits required for the renovations are also public record so click over for interior shots and a fuller explanation, but here is a description of what it looks like now: "Everything in the house is now gone. The interior has been gutted to the exterior walls. The living room floor appears to be scaffolding. Ladders are used to get to the second floor."

· McLean Businessman Pays $8.2 million for Hickory Hill, Then Starts Total Renovation [Patch]

Photos from Bobbi Bowman/Patch

Hickory Hill