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What Happens When An Embassy Becomes A Home?

Embassies change hands pretty frequently in DC and with all the demand for residential space it is no surprise that some of them become condo or apartment buildings. Making the transition from a place of work to a place to escape from work is where it gets interesting. The Post has an impressive slide show of about half a dozen embassies that have made the switch to residential buildings and how different each unit can look from one right next door.

There's even a number of slides of the house belonging to developer Jim Abdo. His team is in the process of building an apartment building called Gaslight Square and when he spoke to Curbed last spring about the inspiration for the building he said, "We wanted it to have an Old London feel. Plus we have the open-flame gaslights, which has almost become our signature piece. I love them so much I even have them on the house I live in with my wife and kids." Turns out he wasn't lying. You can catch a glimpse of those gaslights if you click through the slideshow.

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Photo from WaPo