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Michelle Rhee Sells At Slight Loss

You win some, you lose some. The house in 16th Street Heights that Michelle Rhee had listed back in April sold at the end of August for less than she paid for it in 2007. She had paid $855,000 for it (and scored a deal because it was listed for $939,000) but when it came time to sell it she first tried to get $875,000. But in the end she didn't even get that. The final sales price was $841,000. It is a five bed, three and a half bath with dark wood finishes throughout. Click through the pictures one last time to see how a house built in 1913 still holds up.

· Michelle Rhee's House On The Market For $875,000 [CDC]
· Listing: 1439 Madison St [Redfin]

Photos from Homevisit