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Can The New Parking Panda Rescue DC's Parking?

Parking Panda Intro from Parking Panda on Vimeo.

Parking Panda is a start-up that helps people make money by leasing out their spare parking spaces or driveways on a daily basis. The company, started by two Maryland natives, is fully underway in Baltimore and is in the process of registering spaces in DC before going live 'in a month or two', says co-founder Nick Miller. He and Adam Zilberbaum won a weekend hack-a-thon contest with this idea and started to turn it into a business. The premise behind this "real-time, web-based parking discovery tool" is very simple and neatly explained in the two-minute video above, but if you want to know how they got the idea check out one of their very first presentations after the jump. It involves refusing to pay sky high prices to park at a Redskins game.

Panda Parking/YouTube

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