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ShopHouse Opens In Dupont; Cheesesteaks On H Street

DUPONT CIRCLE—Chipotle opened the first-ever location of ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, its new Asian concept, yesterday in Dupont Circle. Eater operatives were on the scene, which was nowhere near as insane as the Shake Shack opening back in May.

ATLAS DISTRICT—The guys behind Taylor Gourmet are going to be opening up a cheesesteak place just down the street from their original shop. Yes, there will be Whiz and they will also be serving house-made water ice.

CHINATOWN—In this week's edition of Shit People Steal, Graffiato general manager James Horn shares the tales of a stolen iPad, pizza stands and more. He also offers some tips on what you might be interested in stealing next.

LOGAN CIRCLE—Restaurateur Jeff Black is opening his brand new restaurant duo Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Black Jack on 14th Street, and Eater got a peek inside. Key features: a four-seat oyster bar, neons screens to watch to monitor when your table will be ready and, oh yeah, a full-on bocce court.