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This Antler Chandelier's Output Is Free In Accident, Maryland

The curiosities just don't stop with this luxed-out, eco-friendly pad. Inside a gated community is this four bedroom, seven bath house that is connected to commercial grade wind turbines that can reduce your energy costs to zero and possibility bring in some cash from selling electricity to whoever it is that buys that sort of thing. In fact, this is the only net zero community in Maryland and more houses are planned for this patch of undeveloped land. So, if you don't like the way this house looks, get in now to customize one just the way you like it. The soaring ceilings and views of real trees will compensate for the fact that it is in a town called Accident. Asking price is $1,699,000.

· Listing: 163 Carriage House [Railey Realty]
· Whispering Woods [Official Site]