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Former Redskin Deion Sanders Takes Texas Manse Off Market

It's going to take a while for this one to sell. Besides the fact it is in Texas, not too many people are in the market for a property that has its own football field. It also has a bowling alley and indoor basketball court, plus an indoor and outdoor pool. Even with all that and a 29,000 square foot house there's still a lot of room left over on the 109 acre estate. Sanders listed it over two years ago for $21M, even though one outlet reports it has been assessed for $5.6M.

It seems like both those prices are a little off the mark since the most expensive Texas home currently for sale costs $24M and belongs to none other than Troy Aikman (of Dallas Cowboys fame). Both homes are near Dallas, with the Sanders' house in the appropriately-named town of Prosper. However, Aikman's place is a third the size of Sanders' and doesn't have a ten car garage, yet it costs three million more than Sanders' pad. Something's gotta give. Photos from Trulia

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