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Former Nicaraguan Ambassador's Home On Market For First Time

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Washington doesn't have too many homes built in the fifties that are on the market for the first time, but this one has been owned by the same family since it was custom built for them in 1956. The then-ambassador to Nicaragua raised his family here but now his widow and grown children are ready to sell the 7 bedroom/7 bath house. The master bath is so impressive it is shame it is hiding on the upper floors—most houseguests won't be able to take in the two cedar closets, sauna, and massive soaking tub. For all the real estate listings that boast about having embassy-sized rooms that are perfect for entertaining, this Spring Valley house actually does have rooms that big. We also spied a lovely handpainted mural in the lower level that is a perfect conversation piece. Total asking price: $5M.

· Listing: 4951 Rockwood Parkway [WFP]

UPDATE: Our apologies. This house belonged to a relative of the Nicaraguan ambassador, not the ambassador himself. Thanks to the commenter who helped clarify things.