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Deion Sanders Tried To Go For Two, Fell Short Of Goal Each Time

Earlier we showed you pictures of former Redskin Deion Sanders' mega-mansion in a town called Prosper, Texas. He was trying to sell that for the overpriced figure of $21M and took it off the market when he couldn't find a buyer (part of the problem might have been that the property is appraised for fifteen million dollars less at $5.5M). Now we can confirm that the same thing happened to his penthouse in a Dallas apartment building called the Azure (a building where T.O. used to own two units). He had originally listed it for $7.5M, but with no takers at that price a source tells Curbed he has de-listed it for the time being. Look through the photos and take in the five thousand square feet, two stories, and private rooftop pool.

You would think that was the most interesting story in the building, but no, this is a town where everyone has to one-up each other. Sanders' born-again, millionaire neighbor is trying to sell his own unit and has padded the deal with a bunch of Texas-sized extras that rival any swag an NFL player could come up with.

The seller is named Greg Brady. But, no, he isn't living in a rambler with only one bathroom and eight people. Instead he's in one of the most coveted high-rises in Dallas and now that he has found Jesus is looking to unload his penthouse. To sweeten the deal he is throwing in a 2001 BMW Z8 at closing and a week-long cruise on his yacht (a six stateroom boat with full service crew).

The asking price is $7.499M, about the same as Sanders' place, but Brady's sounds like the better deal since it is packed to the seams with technological wizardry. Brady made his millions presiding over a company called i-2 Technology and brought his gadget-love home with him. We don't have the space to do justice to all the custom-built extras this condo has, but click on over to see the full list.

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