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Shh...The Ongoing Saga Of The Glass House In Pasadena, Md

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What do you call a listing if it is more secret than a pocket sale? This house was supposed to be sold at auction at the beginning of June but just before its scheduled date someone made an offer on the property and the auction never took place. Yet, it never ended up trading hands because the offer was countered by the sellers and all the subsequent negotiations never turned into a deal both parties could agree on. Had the auction taken place, the bidding would have started at around $4M, but for over three acres of land and almost ten thousand square feet of house it is probably worth more. The house was formerly owned by Leroy Merritt, founder of Merritt Athletic Clubs, and has four very large bedrooms and bathrooms plus all sorts of other rooms to spend time in. Sources tell Curbed that while it isn't technically on the market the sellers are still highly motivated to unload the property so any prospective buyers should get in touch with the prior listing agent.

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