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An Arlington Local Is The New Mayor Of Hurricane Irene

While you were busy stockpiling batteries a committed Foursquare user was checking in as Irene moved up the coast. So far all we know about him is his name is Brian G., but the website that reported this—The Daily Dot—plans to interview him to find out how he will put his mayorship to good use. (Incidentally, if you haven't heard about the Daily Dot, go check it out. It was started by a Vienna native, Owen Thomas, who survived stints at both Gawker and VentureBeat before going full throttle with his own web company. The site launched officially last week and plans to bring the news about the Internet into one place—just like a hometown newspaper would do for local news.)

· Hurricane Irene Mayorship? Harder Than You Think [DailyDot]

NOTE: Originally we stated Thomas grew up in McLean, but he actually grew up in Vienna.