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A Home For People Who Like Home Depot Only A Little Bit

We think there might be a word missing from this listing description. It describes this very affordable 3 bed/1 bath as a 'greater [sic] starter home for the faint at heart.' Shouldn't it be not for the faint of heart? It is being listed in 'as is' condition, but there is currently a tenant living there so it can't be in too bad a condition.

Maybe, then, the listing description is correct. The house is in good enough shape for the casual DIYer to take on. The kind who would normally faint at the sight of heavy machinery and/or permit applications. Either way, the house is a short sale and probably a good deal given it is in 16th Street Heights and the rest of the houses on the block seem well-cared for.

· Listing: 1316 Emerson St NW [Redfin/Capital City Auction Company]