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Round One Of Our Hottest Agent Contest Has Begun

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Real estate agents put plenty of time and effort into their professional photos and we feel they should get some recognition for all the hard work. Behold eight agents who have been nominated by their friends and loved ones for our Hottest Agent contest. Each person has been paired with another based solely on how their last names fell alphabetically. Vote for the hottest person in each pair and the winning hotties will move on to round two. Voting for this round ends at 10 am on Wednesday.

UPDATE (8/22/12): Originally this post included an additional poll of two real estate agents, but one of them asked us to remove his/her name and photo from the post. In order to delete both we had to delete the entire poll and the photo of David Bediz who was also included. This didn't affect the outcome of the poll since David Bediz moved on to the next round anyway.

David Blaha of McWilliams-Ballard or Andrew Turczyn of Slate Properties

Poll results

Miriam Fernandez of McWlliams-Ballard or Michele Topel of Sotheby's

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Jonathan Taylor of Sotheby's or Arada Suwandee Grantz of Weichert

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Julie Roberts of Long and Foster or Nikola Tadie of Active Rain

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