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An Adobe Style House For Baltimore's Jada Pinkett Smith In CA

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Baltimore native Jada Pinkett Smith and husband Will brought their love of the Southwest to southern California. Architectural Digest has the full look inside their home in their next issue (on sale August 9th), but their website has a sneak peek at all that went into building this 25,000 square foot pad. Will says they wanted as much as possible to be hand built so they could, "feel the love and labor that went into every piece of this place.” Jada adds that they are both very 'earthy and organic people' and they wanted to create something 'as natural as possible that ties back to the land'. Um, okay, nice place and all, but a house that big doesn't exactly seem as natural as possible. But, we still hope you enjoy that bedroom terrace.

· Will And Jada Pinkett Smith's Malibu Home [AD]