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It Takes More Than Historical Significance To Avoid Foreclosure

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The trend of empty McMansions lingering on the market for years is nothing new, but when places that have been around for as long as Evermay and Cliffeholme go un-owned it brings a tear to the eye. Things have ended well for Evermay, but Cliffeholme in Baltimore is still nine acres of unloved potential just waiting for an someone to make it their own. The house's history takes so many twists and turns it could one day be a mini-series on PBS, but now Bank of America owns the property and it isn't easy finding a buyer. When they put it up for auction the bidding opened at $3.7M, but no one was interested. Built it 1848, it was extensively rehabbed in 2003 and could a fit family or small orphanage. Anyone out there who wants a discount mansion, this is the best deal around.

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Photos from Cliffeholme