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The Top Five Sales In Nearby Virginia So Far This Year

Virginia keeps its high-priced houses close to DC, with almost all of them located within a twenty minute drive from Chain Bridge. The biggest difference with this list is that it doesn't contain any condos, so the practice of paying five million or more for a unit in a high rise is still limited to the District and Maryland. Is that a trend to come to Virginia in 2012?

1) Ted Leonsis and his wife sold their McLean house to Chris Rogers. The 6827 Sorrel St home sold for $9M.

2) Alexandria makes the list with a $8.26M sale that was originally listed for $9M at 9500 Ferry Landing Court.

3) Then we have two houses in the same neighborhood as the CIA. One at 8548 Georgetown Pike sold for $6,550,000. It is a 9,662 square foot single family home with 7 bedrooms and 10.0 bathrooms, but this is the best picture we could find.

4) A nearby house sold for $5,004,000 at 7712 Georgetown Pike.

5) The final house on the list is at 1043 Founders Ridge Lane, McLean VA. It sold for $5,975,000 after being listed at $6,250,000.

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