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The Top Five Sales In Nearby Maryland So Far This Year

The Maryland list starts with Ted Leonsis and ends with a condo in Bethesda. It covers more geographic territory than DC or Virginia since a house all the way in Annapolis made the cut. But the Bethesda region shows up the most frequently. The condo sale at the number five spot was expensive, but still won't top last year's most expensive condo sale in the region at $5.75 million at 3303 Water St. NW.

1) The list begins with Ted Leonsis' early year purchase of the Marwood Estate for $20M. He bought it from his friend Chris Rogers (who founded Nextel) who in turn purchased the McLean home Leonsis had been living in. We found these pictures of the Marwood house, but they were taken before Leonsis owned it so the decor might be a little different nowadays. The house has an illustrious history of one famous name after another, according to this 2006 article from Washington Life:

The Italian villastyle mansion was built in 1930 by New York millionaire Samuel Martin. In 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt rented Marwood for use as the summer White House. The following year, John F. Kennedy's parents, Joseph P. and Rose Kennedy leased the estate and resided there until 1939 when Joe Kennedy became ambassador to Great Britain. In 1942, H. Grady Gore, a cousin of Vice-President Al Gore bought Marwood from a member of the Pulitzer publishing family. More than fifty years later, in 1995, the Gore heirs sold to neurosurgeon Dr. Yonas Zegeye and his wife H. Seleshi Zegeye for $2 million despite having listed the property for twice as much.

Photos from Business Insider

2) Chris Rogers and his wife Nalini get another mention on the list because it appears they also bought the house at 5215 Edgemoor Lane in Bethesda. We couldn't find a picture of it, but it must be very nice because it cost $10M.

3) A French country villa brings the list down into six million dollar territory. The house at 9121 Burdette Road in Bethesda sold for $5,795,000 after a two hundred thousand dollar price reduction.

4)Next is a coveted manse in Annapolis at 9 Kent Road. It sold for $5,650,000.

5) A 3 bedroom condo in the Parc Somerset building sold for $5,000,000.

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