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The Top Five Sales In Washington DC So Far This Year

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Washington DC has the most expensive house sale in the area, but it only gained the honor last month when Evermay sold for $22M. Next on the list is a house that sold for less than half that and comes with a very nice wine cellar. Not surprisingly all the homes on the list are in Northwest and are within the same few neighborhoods.

1) The District wins the prize for the biggest sale of the year and there's no way it is going to lose its title any time in the near future. Evermay was the $22M winner that sold last month after coming down from $49M. The house is at 1623 28th St NW.

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2)This one caught our eye earlier since the wine cellar was so dramatic. It sold for $6.750M after an initial asking price of $9,950,000. It is located at 3327 P ST NW.

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3) Who will forget the sale of Senator Edward Kennedy's former house to the Republic of Gabon. They'll either use it as their embassy or as residences for their dignitaries. It sold for $6.5M after entering the market for $7.995M.

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4) This house used to belong to Abraham Lincoln's granddaughter. It sold for $5,397,500 and is at 2912 N ST NW.

· Listing: 2912 N Street [WashingtonFineProperties]

5) Rounding out the list is a house in the Spring Valley neighborhood that sold for $4M. It is at 4869 Glenbrook Road.

· Listing: 4869 Glenbrook Road [WashingtonFineProperties]

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