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Mansions! Get Your Mansions! Step Right Up For A Half-Price Manse

Mansions, almost by definition, don't come cheap. So for $2.2M we won't try to pretend that this is in everybody's price range. But since it started out over $4M and the waterfront property has seven acres, a house with six porches, a deluxe kitchen whose second dishwasher is specifically designed for washing crystal, and a three car garage we think it is a pretty good deal. Don't worry that the room in the picture above looks so small, that's just the rooftop cupola with a 360 degree view of the property. The forty or so pictures that we have here are just the beginning. Check out the 'contact us' page on the house's dedicated website for a lengthy list of all the over-the-top features.

· 5247 Ragged Point Informational Site [Official Site]
· Listing: 5247 Ragged Point Road [William Ganz/ExitResultsRealty]

Ragged Point

5247 Ragged Point Road, Cambridge , md