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House Designed By Architect Of Lincoln Memorial For Sale In NJ

Here's a house with some serious pedigree. The guy that designed it, Henry Bacon, designed the Lincoln Memorial and the guy that commissioned him to build it was the founder of the company we now know as Nabisco. It has been around since 1899 and a few other 'industry leaders' have lived in this 8 bed/7 bath house during the past century. Now listed for $4.29M the house is one of only two private residences thought to be designed by Bacon and he was also its first resident. Click through for the video that starts with a tour of Jerry Seinfeld's $18M Telluride house that is also on the market.

· Listing: 26 Ridge Road [KellerWilliams]
· Seinfeld Lists Telluride Home [WSJ]

Lincoln Memorial

National Mall, Washington, DC 20024