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Recent Sale Of The Stables Hits Georgetown Trifecta

Charm, prestige, and a million dollar price tag make up the holy trinity of coveted Georgetown properties and these former horse stables have all three. When they were converted to a place people could live in they became two separate residences and have largely remained that way for the past seventy years. The seller, Tracey Neale (formerly a local news anchor on CBS), owned one of the units for a number of years before buying the other one and turning them into a more cohesive whole. While they are still two separate residences, and were sold under two separate transactions, the two sections are now in sync with each other and will stay that way for the new owners. Sources tell Curbed that the buyers of each of the units are relatives of each other and come from a well-respected, but private, Georgetown family. The asking price for both houses was $2.5M, but the combined sales prices ended up being $2.425M. Photos from Washington Fine Properties

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The Stables Of Georgetown

1316 33rd St, Washington, DC