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Does This Fire-Breathing Dragon Sculpture Convey With House?

Yesterday we mentioned that the "I Love My Home" contest by Zillow had a castle house hiding in Boyds, MD as one of the contenders. It turns out the house is for sale and the owners have a website with all the details about the very creative design. They have nicknamed the house "Redwall" since it looks like the fictional abbey in a book series with the same name. While it looks like it was constructed in medieval times, it was built in the 1940s and the woman who commissioned it was part of the Carter family that made their fortune selling Little Liver Pills. The whole property is for sale, which includes the main house and two smaller buildings, for $1.2M. At one point there was a fire-breathing dragon sculpture, old windmill, and labyrinth adding character to the place, but no word if that comes with the sale.

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