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Leave The Pirate Jokes At Home When You Tour These Houseboats

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The houseboats along the Southwest Waterfront bring a lot of curious stares from passers-by. What's it like to live on water all the time?, they wonder to themselves while standing on dry land. Now they can find out when about twenty different boat owners let people see inside their 'liveaboard' houses during the Boat Home Tour. From your run-of-the-mill sail boats to a converted 64-foot WWII tugboat with an all-important tiki bar on deck the different boats on display run the gamut of what constitutes a watercraft home. The tour takes place on Saturday August 13 from 10 and 2 pm and tickets cost $11. Proceeds from the tickets will go to support several charities supporting earth conservation work in the area. In keeping with the theme of earth love, a few of the houseboats even have vegetable gardens aboard.

· Southwest DC Waterfront Boat-Home Tour [Official Site]