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Photographers: Seen Any Unusual Doors In Your Neighborhood?

As the last month of summer nears DC slows to crawl. Congress escapes the heat, bosses go out of town, and you are left sitting at your desk with more time than usual on your hands. This is when looking at pictures of our fair city is a perfect way to pass the time. And so it is the perfect time to send out our first call for contributions to our Flickr pool. Our first theme is......doors. Interior or exterior, it doesn't matter. Anything eye-catching and interesting is what we're looking for and if you have some DC/MD/VA pictures that fit either of those descriptions but they don't happen to have a door in them, what the heck, upload them anyway and we'll feature it in one of our daily wrap-ups. Our only real requirement is that you don't take pictures of people that haven't given you permission to do so. Other than that, hurry up and get clicking.

Upload the pictures to our Flickr Pool and we'll link to your flickr page. Or, if you have your own photography website, send the photos in to our tipline with the URL in the body of the email and we'll link to your site. Our tipline is:

If you want to keep up with future calls for photos follow us on Twitter where we'll do most of the announcing.

Photo from flickr/huebnerandlamb