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Porch Stories: A Homegrown Idea To Share Neighborhood Lore

Imagine if you could hear the stories of your neighborhood from the porches on your street. Kathleen Frank has been making that happen in and around DC for the past few years, but now she wants to scale it up a notch. She has a modest fundraising goal at Kickstarter for $8,000 and once the money is raised she'll begin developing a series of plays to run next summer. The goal of the project is to 'find a way for people in my community to connect with one another by combining a neighborhood stroll with a storytelling tour', she writes on her Kickstarter page.

The fundraising deadline is August 9th and donors receive various incentives based on their level of giving. One of the more unusual ones is at the $1,000 level—those donors will have their donation recognized by one of the actors in a porch story wearing a sign on his or her back saying, 'This actor sponsored by ...'.

· Porch Stories By Kathleen Frank [Kickstarter page]