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Senator Edward Kennedy's House Finds Unexpected Buyer

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After a year and a half and a hefty price chop Senator Edward Kennedy's house has found a buyer. It started out on the market a year and a half ago at $7.995M and then went down to $6.995M this past April. It finally sold earlier this month for $6.5M to the Republic of Gabon. Yes...the country. Sources familiar with the deal tell Curbed it is most likely going to be used as a residence for the ambassador(s) or other visiting dignitaries, but there is no official word on exactly what they will use it for. Check out the prior post for a full photo gallery of its six beds, seven baths, five fireplaces, and indoor resistance pool.

· Senator Edward Kennedy's House Just Waiting For The Right Buyer [CDC]

Edward Kennedy's House-Embassy Of Gabon

2416 Tracy Place, Washington, DC