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Former Kluge High-End Gas Station Might Become A Subway

Last week's auction of Fuel, the luxury rest stop owned by Kluge, brought in less than the bank was hoping for when the final price was $580,000. Bidder Sam Desai is now the lucky owner of the building and all the existing fixtures, but everything inside that isn't nailed down will be sold at a separate auction on July 28th. Desai (pictured above in the sunglasses and checkered shirt) owns a few Subway restaurants in the Charlottesville area and told NBC29 that he might turn this into another one. The location, at the corner of Market and Avon, is a heavily trafficked area and could likely support such a sandwich chain. The previous items on the menu, like lobster and Virginia wines, didn't seem to take.

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Kluge Winery

100 Grand Cru Drive , Charlottesville, va 22902