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Gay Or Muslim? Good Thing You Didn't Go To This Va. Yard Sale.

It is no longer a surprise to find weird things on Craigslist, but an ad for a garage sale that bans gays, Muslims, and illegal immigrants? Now that's unusual. Gawker received a tip about a Leesburg, VA Craigslist posting that had the following in the text:

"all are welcome to the moving sale / garage sale except for LGBT people, illegal immigrants, and muslims, anyone else is warmly welcomed! no drama, terrorism, or illegal transactions with non-US citizens / illegal immigrants / people taking jobs away from people who belong and are legal in this country is desired. thanks." For more details, check out the full story, including the response someone received when he wrote asking the seller to explain the rationale behind the requirements for the garage sale attendees. Yet, another wrinkle to the plot is the house where the garage sale took place is on the market for $440K. The owners of the house are divorcing and have been ordered to send the house to auction if they can't sell it soon.

· The Racist And Homophobic Yard Sale Posting You Won't Believe [Gawker via Curbed National]