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Behold A $100,000 Parking Space In Washington DC

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Washington DC is in the top ten when it comes to the most expensive cities to park, according to an annual study by Colliers International, but Curbed found a few mind-blowing prices for parking spaces that could easily surpass the likes of those at the top of the list (New York, Boston, San Francisco). We found a few hiding out on Zillow, including the one for a full six figures at the building pictured above as well as a couple more in the fifty thousand range.

When we called to confirm that these weren't typos Zillow said that they were indeed parking spaces, but they would be removing the listings because they don't allow them on their site. A closer inspection of the descriptions show how the owners sneak these things on to Zillow in the first place. We took screen shots of the ones we found, all fifty grand or above.

Here is the $100,000 space, but note that the description describes it as a condo home. Yet, the size of the 'home' is listed at only 74 square feet. Zillow confirmed to Curbed that it is a parking space and not a residence. We have pasted the original links where we found the listings, but they likely no longer work since Zillow planned to remove them.

Here is another that sold for $56,000. It also says it is a 'condo home', but the size is only 25 SF.

Here are two more that did own up to being parking spaces in the description (both in Dupont East Condos).

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