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The Residences Of St. Monica's Are Older Than They Look

Photos by R. Lopez

The best thing about living in a condo that used to be a church has to be the stained glass windows. Or maybe the original woods beams. No, wait, it must be the former altar that has been turned into an island for the kitchen. We could be here all day trying to decide which part of the new Residences Of St. Monica's are brag-worthy, but this nine-unit condo building has plenty of features to show off to Mom and Dad (even if the building is a hundred years old). We're showing you the pictures just to start, but check back later when we post our interview with one of the lead designers of the project. In the meantime, see picture three for the church altar that was restored and re-purposed for the kitchen. Kinda brings a new angle to the whole 'breaking bread' tradition.

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