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Trump Plays Hard Ball With Bank Of America Over Kluge Estate

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The ongoing saga with the Kluge Estate in Charlottesville, VA has reached humorous proportions. Donald Trump has bought most of the land surrounding Patricia Kluge's house, but he has not bought the house. Bank of America still owns the building, but Trump owns most of the land around it including most of the rights of way. So, naturally, he put up a bunch of signs saying no one could trespass on his property even if they were just trying to get to the house. The house still has ninety-five acres and driveway access attached to it, but the fact that Trump owns the rest of the land lowers the desirability of the property considerably. Bank of America would like to sell the house (and ninety-five acres) for over $20M, Donald has offered to buy it for a little less than $4M. Confused yet? See it explained in the video, which includes interior shots of what the house looked like before all the ornate decorating was dismantled and sent to auction.

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Kluge Winery

100 Grand Cru Drive , Charlottesville, va 22902