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José Andrés Strikes Again With New Concept America Eats

We're giving you a double dose of restaurant news today since America Eats opens this weekend. This is the latest restaurant from José Andrés and is a transformation from the prior concept in the same space, Café Atlantico. Only the second floor looks like the former restaurant (and the in-demand minibar is exactly the same, not to worry). The first floor has been transformed into a subtle homage to Americana, with a centerpiece of hanging screenprints from iconic American images. The Norman Rockwell painting comes from a private collection, but all the rest are from the National Archives which will receive 100% of the proceeds from the restaurant during the six months that it is open. It took three weeks, and many donated hours of elbow grease, to get America Eats ready for opening weekend and they are already mostly booked for their first week. Eater has a full photo gallery and the info on the menu that based every dish on an American classic.

· Inside America Eats Tavern [EDC]