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The Spirit Of France Is Not A Luxury Cruise Liner

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This newly built property is already sold, but it still can't hurt to look inside a modern day interpretation of an old French castle. At least, we think that's what the designers were going for when they described this as the 'Spirit Of France' in the listing. The builders might have taken inspiration from the house that originally on this site since it was built in 1930 and parts of it have been incorporated into the new foyer. It is definitely the first listing we've seen with a bathtub nook (see picture two). The floor to ceiling stone fireplace ain't to shabby either. The six bed, six and a half bath was listed for $3,295,000, but we haven't heard word on the final sales price.

· Listing: 8216 Caraway St. [Ellen Wilner]
· Photos from Homevisit [Official Site]