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The Other Elizabeth Taylor Property On The Market

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July's issue of Architectural Digest goes inside Elizabeth Taylor's Bel Air home that recently went on the market for $8.6M (which our cousins over at Curbed National first alerted us to). Little do they know that another piece of property connected to Taylor is also for sale in Middleburg, VA. She lived there in the seventies when she was married to Senator John Warner on a farm called Atoka. The couple also owned a separate farm called Brigadoon which they sold to a cattle farmer before their divorce in 1982. That cattle farmer built a house on the property in 1990 and is now the listing the entire 224 acre property at $10,250,000. We don't know if the cows convey, but the barn, silo, and outbuildings all come with the 3 bed, 3.5 bath main house.

· Listing: 6489 John S. Mosby Hwy [Kim Spear]

One surviving legend from the days that Elizabeth Taylor lived on Atoka is the time she hired a map maker to develop an ornate and intricate map of the property as a Christmas present for Warner. As the map maker, Eugene Scheel, was giving his presentation one of Taylor's dogs (named Depot because she found him in a Philadelphia rail station) was chewing on his pant leg. The repair bill for the pants went in with the bill for the map and when Taylor paid the bill for both she wrote Scheel to say that Depot had taken a few bites at someone else.

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