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Brian Betts House Now $20K Less After Two Months On Market

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The sad tale of the middle school principal, Brian Betts, who was murdered in his home (above) comes with an even more depressing backstory. Before he bought the house in 2003 it had been the scene of a break-in that resulted in the double murder of a nine year old girl and her father. When Betts learned about this he tried to get out of the housing contract but when he wasn't able to he had two ministers bless the house in an attempt to rid the house of evil spirits. The three bedroom, two and a half bath is now a foreclosed property that has lowered its asking price from $535,000 to $515,000. The family of Betts had wanted the house to be bulldozed, but instead the property was returned to the bank and placed on the market in April of this year. All photos from MRIS

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