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Dog Owners: Is Rose Park Better Than Shaw Or Meridian Hill?

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Photos by S. Gormley

Opinions run high on where the best place for dogs is in DC and we'd like to settle the matter once and for all. Tell us the parts of town your dog loves the best, where he or she can read the "pee-mail" without ever getting bored, and where the owners can relax a little too. With all the technical difficulties we've had this week we'll keep the poll open through early next week, but let us know at our tipline if you have problems. We figured since today is Take Your Dog To Work Day we couldn't leave this uber-important question go unanswered. The dog park that gets the most votes will be where intrepid members of Curbed staff hide several gift cards to a local pet store for a few lucky owners to seek out and redeem for the canine members of their family.

Poll results

· Take Your Dog To Work Day [Official Site]

Rose Park

26th Street NW, Washington, DC Visit Website

Shaw Dog Park

1673 11th Street Northwest, , DC 20001 (330) 737-1364 Visit Website

Marion Park (AKA Turtle Park)

401-499 E Street SE, Washington, DC 20003