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Luxury Annapolis Condos That Regular People Can Now Afford

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Whenever we see good deals here at Curbed we try to pass them on and our eyes almost jumped out of their sockets when we heard about this auction coming up next month. Not only is it for an address in the coveted city of Annapolis, but it is for the luxury condos in the Grand View building at Annapolis Towne Center. The last twenty-five condos are to be auctioned off at steeply discounted prices, with ten of them guaranteed to sell at (or above) minimum bids of around $250,000. Since the original prices for these units start at the $500,000 mark we know it is worth keeping our eye on this one. All the units are 2 bed/2 bath configurations and some come with a den. The auction takes place July 24th and preview showings are available Wednesdays through Fridays (check for exact times). But, the roof top pool is only open to residents and their guests, so leave the bathing suit at home this time around.

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