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The Ultimate Man Cave Now Comes On The Back Of A Truck

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Once our polling capabilities get back online we'll be able to host our mano a mano showdown about which local dog park is the best, but before then we'll be sniffing out canine-related real estate news all over our area. Since dogs are often called man's best friend we knew we had to tell you about The Ultimate Man Cave promotion from Retreats— a luxury modular building company. They are in the same building family as Sandy Spring Builders who build full-size luxury homes out of pre-fabricated kits. But sometimes people don't need a whole house, they just want a cottage or a pool cabana. And sometimes they don't want to pay full price. For the rest of this month they don't have to with Retreats' Ultimate Man Cave pricing in honor of Father's Day. That means twenty-five percent off their entire line of backyard cottages. Since these things only take a day to build, buyers will be able to have them installed and fully beer-stocked by football season. Don't believe us that it only takes a day to build a whole house? Check out their time-lapse video of a full-sized house going up before the sun went down.

Video from Sandy Spring Builders

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