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What Happens When You Drop A Pool On A House; Tudor Place OK

GEORGETOWN—All is quiet at Tudor Place. Earlier today police and EMS converged on the luxury estate to investigate what turned out to be a hazardous material. They've removed the substance (but didn't say what it was) and there were no injuries. [Twitter] UPDATE: Turns out the hazardous material was inside a Girl Scout medical box from around WWII found during a textile inventory. The gauze pads contained piric acid which is highly explosive. So how did the HazMat team dispose of them? By taking them outside and exploding them, of course. [Dish]

MINNESOTA—Some crane operator had a really bad day when the pool he was trying to place in the homeowner's backyard fell on the house. Swearing ensued. See the video for proof. [Gawker]

Tudor Place

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