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Good Newz Kennels Will Bring Tail-Wagging Happiness

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Last week we brought the news that Michael Vick's former Virginia house where he operated a dog fighting ring was going to be turned into the headquarters for the animal rights group Dogs Deserve Better. This week we can give you an early look at what it will look like.

Above is an exterior rendering of the proposed building and after the jump we have another image of the main floor. From what we can tell from the drawing it will have sixty dog kennels and four 'home adjustment apartments'. If this were a real estate listing it would be a 'sixty bed/anywhere bathroom' type of property. The design team is still working on the plans for the upper floor but it will include an indoor walking track for dogs on days when the weather is bad. Dogs Deserve Better purchased the property this past weekend, but are still actively seeking donations to build the facility.

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