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H Street's Revamp Isn't Just For Restaurants Anymore

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Revitalization is contagious. The moving and shaking happening along the happenin' H Street corridor continues to spread, taking over restaurants, apartment buildings, nightclubs, and hotels. AKA White House is a luxury long-term hotel that has joined the movement of sprucing things up and are in the process of turning their lobby into a four thousand square-foot entrance with eye-popping finishes. The rendering above shows how they're going for a Mad Men kind of vibe, but what you can't see in the rendering is the wall facing H Street will go the way of a Betty Draper-level smoking habit. Instead of a solid wall there are large horizontal operable windows that let the ambiance of H Street filter into the bar and lounge. There was a time when hotels wanted to keep the street noise out, but H Street is going to have classy street noise so everyone will want a part of it. AKA White House is still open during the renovations which are expected to be complete by early September.

· AKA White House [Official Site]