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Behold Virginia's Most Expensive House On The Market

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Earlier today we put a link to a list of the country's ten most expensive homes, none of which were around here. But that got us thinking about what were the most expensive homes in DC, MD, and VA and we found one that we hadn't covered before. We've already profiled the one in Maryland (coming in at $30M) and, not surprisingly, Evermay tops the list for the District at $25.9M (but that has recently found a buyer). But we have never mentioned Virginia's most expensive house that costs $18.5M. Granted, it is all the way in Appomattox, so it isn't really close to 'our area' but we can't leave it out of the fun. Pictured above, it was built in 1835 and has been restored and updated a few times since then. The deets: six beds, eight full baths, a six thousand bottle wine cellar, six guest houses, two stables, a pool, and a boat launch.

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