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More Serious And Not-So Serious Reports On Bin Laden's Hideaway

The real estate stories about OBL's second-to-last resting place keep on coming. Washingtonian gives a fascinating insight into the level of planning that went into his capture. A digital rendering and a physical model of the compound were constructed based on careful research by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency that apparently has some really good cameras on their hands. It took months to develop and was detailed enough to include the location of doors, gates, fences, etc. Whatever imaging technology they used was enough to get pictures of people staying there, though none of Bin Laden (despite CIA director Panetta's wishes). Reports differ as to how long he had been staying in the compound. A source told TIME that the family had been there since 2005 and another site reports he had been there since last August.

The slaved-over rendering served its second purpose for the writers at late night comedy shows a few nights ago. If anyone can make fun of real estate agents and Bin Laden in the same bit, it's The Daily Show. Keep watching until 2:10 to see Samantha Bee try to sell the fixer-upper Bin Laden left behind. An earlier episode mentioned the irony of the name of the town Abbottabad, which Jon Stewart suggests is best pronounced with a Jersey accent (min 5:14). Swear words have been bleeped, so it is probably SFW.

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