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Composting For Urbanites Is Now Easier Than Ever

Not since Phoebe from Friends invented the RelaxiCab have we seen a use for cars as innovative as this. Apartment dwellers who don't want to toss their food waste into a trash bag destined for a landfill can instead hire someone to compost it for them. A relatively new start-up, Compost Cab, will provide you with a bin and compostable bag liner where you can dump all your organic waste. Once a week— 'on a reliable, fuel-efficient schedule'—they'll cart it away to become compost. After customers have been a member for nine months they can start to reclaim five pounds of compost and one pound of worm castings for every fifty pounds of organic waste they have had collected. Anyone who doesn't want their share of the dirt can contribute it to the donation for a local farming organization, ECO. For a basic apartment set-up the cost is $8 per bin per week, but other price plans are available for larger scale customers (such as office buildings).

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