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Nina And Pinta Replicas Arrive Today; School Library Makeovers

GANGPLANK MARINA—Today historical replicas of Christopher Columbus' famous ships sailed into town to spend the weekend. The 'Nina' and 'Pinta' will be open to tourists over the weekend until they leave port on May 30th. Admission is $8 for adults. For more information visit their website or email [Inbox]

DISTRICT—The city's pools open this Saturday for their weekend hours and will open on weekdays starting June 21. [PoP]

DISTRICT—Five elementary schools in DC were chosen for Target's country-wide library makeover project. The schools will get at least $200,000 in renovations and 2,000 new books. [WaPo]

DUPONT CIRCLE—The studio apartment once belonging to Bob Woodward has found a buyer after a price drop to $200,000 (from $215,000). [Urban Turf]