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DSK's Washingtonian Profile And His Post-Rikers Housing

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When Washingtonian sent their latest issue to the printers they had no way of knowing that their profile of an unassuming Georgetown resident would turn out to be just a tad off the mark. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the man in question and until this past week certainly was, as the article states, 'one of those very powerful men who float through the city without attracting much notice'. So things have changed a little since that piece went to press. The updated version of the article on their website sets the record straight and provides a bit of foreshadowing into the guy's indiscretions. An interesting housing tidbit is the possibility that his wife purchased their $4M house since 'being seen as wealthy isn’t good politics in France, especially for a Socialist'.

Also, last week's news about where DSK was going to live while out on bail has been resolved. He'll seek refuge at the apartment building 71 Broadway (pictured above) where rents range from $2,675 for a studio to $4,000 for a two bedroom. DSK's monthly price tag is slightly higher, at $200,000, since he has to foot the bill for the security team hired to ensure he doesn't flee the country.

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Dominique Strauss Kahn's House

2613 Dumbarton St , Washington, DC